Emergency assistance provided to internally displaced people in Bale and east Wollega in 2018

In early and late 2018, HIRPHA International responded to the humanitarian situation in Bale and Wollega Districts of Oromia, respectively.  In Saweena area 475 households (200 in Kuni, 100 in Arele/Badda Dhera & 175 in Atawi) with 2400 family members were supplied emergency shelter and non-food items.

In addition, 100 children and 50 women (pregnant and lactating) exposed to malnutrition in the areas of Arele/Badda Dhera were provided urgently needed supplementary food such as FAMIX, vegetable oil & packed powdered milk.

In eastern Wollega, 1100 households with about 3300 beneficiary family members (1680 male, 1620 female) living in Haro Limu district, bordering Benishangul Gumuz (BG) State, were supplied with non-food items, primarily blankets.

In addition, mattresses were given to 292 family members with highly vulnerable women (pregnant and breast feeding) in Sasigga area.