Humanitarian Support Drive by HIRPHA International

HIRPHA International (HI) is hosting a humanitarian support drive in Minneapolis, MN on March 17, 2017.  This will be an opportunity to learn about the humanitarian effort HI is making in Oromia, share the severity of the current crisis and how we can all contribute to provide assistance to the displaced people in Oromia.  It is also an opportunity for HI to get feedback from the community in order to achieve its objectives.

A number HI board members met with over 30 community and religious leaders in the area in mid February to share the objectives of the organization and its current activities on the ground.  With the tremendous support and feedback received from the leaders, there is reason to be hopeful for a good turn out and support for the March 17th event.   The event will be an engaging experience with full but concise agenda.  All Oromo supporters and humanitarians are welcome to attend the event and contribute towards assisting the many hundreds of thousands of displaced Oromos.

Date/time: March 17, @2 pm

Location: 2400 Park Ave, MPLS, MN

The Oromo Diaspora in support for displaced Oromo people

The Oromo Diaspora has responded to the needy Oromo families displaced in recent weeks in the eastern and Southern Oromia Region by raising supporting fund. Community associations, individuals, professionals, media organizations and other volunteers have collected funds in order to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Oromia. Oromo communities around the globe continue to raise funds, which will be well used to help the displaced Oromos get food, shelter and clothing. HIRPHA International will work with aid agencies and support groups on the ground to achieve this. Please click the “Donate” button at the top to support this initiative.