The Oromo Diaspora in support for displaced Oromo people

September 29, 2017

The Oromo Diaspora has responded to the needy Oromo families displaced in recent weeks in the eastern and Southern Oromia Region by raising over $250,000. Community associations, individuals, professionals, media organizations and other volunteers have collected funds in order to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Oromia. More

Assist Oromo victims in Oromia/Ethiopia

HIRPHA International provides humanitarian assistance to Oromo victims in Oromia/Ethiopia that are affected as follows:

  • • Oromo families whose sole breadwinners are under arrest, or have been killed or forced to flee
  • • those injured or physically disabled due to political conflicts and need medical attention
  • • those who became homeless or internally displaced due the land policy or due to conflicts with neighboring nations and nationalities
  • • those who have been affected by traumatic situations following cases such as the Irrecha of Oct. 2, 2016.
  • • those who need food assistance as a result of natural disaster such as drought

HIRPHA International will endeavour to provide financial, moral as well as advisory support to these victims as much as possible.